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The best thing about self storage is its flexibility, you can decide the size and duration of your storage and can go bigger or smaller as your needs change. We provide a wide range of storage sizes, from small locker-type storage units to large room type storage units with 24/7 access system, its safe and reliable. We also offer flexible managed storage warehousing for a more cost-effective way of storing things which you don’t regularly need access to.


Personal Self Storage

Sentimental / Nostalgic Items

  • Collection (CD, Magazine, Books, Stuffed Toys, Figure, etc.)
  • Keepsakes (Decorations, Autograph Album, Photo Album, etc)
  • Luggage

Lifestyle Items

  • Sports equipment
  • Festive Decorations
  • Festive Clothing, shoes, handbags, etc

Family / Home Items

  • Furniture
  • Electrical Items
  • Hi-Fi Audio System
  • Heater, Fan, etc



Self Storage vs. Managed Storage

Thinking of a renovation and need to empty your flat to keep them out of harm’s way? Or moving houses and some of your cherished items won’t fit?  Or perhaps, you are planning on leaving the country and just want to store away some or all of your stuff so you can rent it out? Don’t worry, Cube Self Storage can help with our air-conditioned storage facility to keep your belongings safe and sound.




Whether it’s the memorabilia from your travels or the equipment from your sporting interests, there is no reason that your pursuit of happiness should cram your living space!  Cube Self Storage helps you to solve the limitation of household space so that you can enjoy the lifestyle that you pursue.




With the changing seasons, there’s always a part of our wardrobe or the items at home is this “off-season” and just taking up space. Cube Self Storage saves your living space and help you store away all those portable fans or heaters, Christmas lights or your thick winter clothing, so that you and your family would enjoy a comfortable and spacious home!


*Excluding Kowloon City facility – Managed Storage only



Is there a minimum storage period?

We operate a monthly billing cycle so you will be billed for a minimum of a month’s storage. Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] or 2914 2200.

How will I be billed?

We run a first of the month billing cycle. For the first calendar month of your storage, you will be charged from the day that your packed boxes have been securely stored to the end of that month, and then on the first day of each subsequent calendar month. You will be liable for full month storage charges irrespective of the date you wish to have your items delivered and your storage terminated.

Will I need to pay a deposit for my storage unit with Cube Self Storage?

There is a refundable deposit, which is equal to one month’s rent.  When you leave Cube Self Storage, providing you have given us one month written notice and that you leave your room in the same condition as when you started your rental period, your deposit will be returned to you.

Do you prorate refunds?

No, your storage will always be charged based on our monthly billing cycle.

What are Cube’s bank account details?

Here are our bank account details:

Bank: HSBC

Bank Number: 004

Account Number: 640-104444-838

Bank International Code: HSBCHKHHHKH

FPS Payment Identifier: 162879829


All bank charges (if any) will need to be paid by the buyer. Cube Self Storage reserves the right to delay delivery until full payment is received.

How do I contact you if I need to?

Our friendly team is always on hand if you need help with collections, deliveries or need any advice or just have any questions that you would like to discuss. Simply call us on 2914 2200 or use our handy contact form.


Do you have a removals or van service?

We provide a collection and delivery service to make your move into storage easier, you can learn more about our delivery services here.

Do you have any moving equipment available to help me move my items into my storage space?

Yes we offer trolleys and pallets and a variety of moving equipment.

Do you offer a packing service?

If you need a hand with packing your boxes, please speak to a member of our team or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Do you sell packing materials?

Yes, we sell the full range of packaging materials including boxes, bags and bubble wrap – you can see our full range in our online box shop.


How secure is your warehouse?

Our warehouse has 24 hour monitoring, fire alarms and smoke detectors. Your items could not be under safer care. We can also offer specialist climate controlled storage for items such as wine that require extra precaution when they are stored.

What size rooms do you have?

We offer a large range of standard storage units as well as bespoke units for any size you may need in our climate controlled secure facility. Visit our Size / Price / Location page to learn more about the room sizes.

What can’t I store in my storage unit?

You can store virtually anything except:

– Living materials, such as animals and plants
– Hazardous items such as flammable liquids or explosives
– Items that can decompose such as food
– Unauthorised or illegal goods such as firearms.
– Details regarding prohibited items

NB Customs and police have statutory rights enabling them to visit your room.

Can I change to a different size after I’ve already moved in?

If the unit size you want is available at your facility, then yes you can move into another unit. Your local facility manager will be able to assist you in that transition.

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