2021 has come to an end! Looking back this 2021, we were so busy with epidemic prevention and work and often ignored the importance of home cleaning. No matter it’s celebrating Christmas or welcoming in 2022, we should give ourselves a clean and tidy living environment.

During the cleaning, don’t forget to check these 10 ” disaster areas” that are often ignored in the home but actually full of dust and bacteria!

1. Stove

If you enjoy cooking at home, the stove is a must-clean area. The oil stain and food scraps will become stubborn stains on the stove as time passes, which is hard to clean.

During the cleaning, you can mix vinegar and clean water with 1:2 components to remove grease and dirt.

2. Kitchen hood

Kitchen hood is important to absorb cooking smells. When cleaning, don’t forget to open the kitchen hood to clean the filter and oil box. Clean your kitchen hood regularly to maintain its performance.

3. Washing machine

Bacteria and dirt hid in the washing machine, you can’t see! To keep your washing machine clean, try to add some soda and warm water, turn on the machine spin for 5-10 minutes, then soak for 60 minutes, and drain the dirty water. It helps to kill the bacteria in the washing machine.

4. Under the bed

When you lift the bottom of the bed, you will find that there is a thick layer of dust under the bed. Live in dirty air can easily lead to skin sensitivity, bronchitis, asthma, and other diseases. To improve the air quality of your bedroom, the dirt on the bottom of the bed must be cleaned.

5. Carpet

The fluffy touch of the carpet can make people feel warm and relaxed. However, carpets in your home are actually full of bacteria and dust. Besides using a vacuum cleaner to clean carpet surface, remember to clean the sand and dust below the carpet!

6. Refrigerator

We always forget the food stored in the refrigerator until it’s expired. When cleaning, in addition to cleaning the area we can see, don’t forget what’s inside your refrigerator. Stale food is bad for your health and also cause bacteria to grow even will affect other foods!

7. Sofa gap

The sofa gap is so inconspicuous and difficult to clean, but they actually accumulate dirt and dust. Try to use a small brush or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust between the gaps to make sure that every corner is clean.

8. The pillow

Do you know the pillow we use every day is the germiest bedding item? To clean your pillow, you can put it under the sun to allow the sunlight to kill bacteria and remove odors. Pillows not suitable to put into a washing machine as it is easy to deform.

9. The mattress

We sweat when we sleep, and the bacteria in the sweat will breed in the bed, and causing the mites and bacteria. You can use Mite Bug Control Spray or ultraviolet vacuum cleaner to eliminate the mite bug and bacteria in cotton fabric, and maintain your hygiene and health.

10. Dishwashing sponges

The little dishwashing sponge is infested with all kinds of bacteria! An old dish sponge is dirtier than unwashed dishes. Therefore, it is important to change the sponge regularly to ensure the hygiene of cutlery. In addition to dish sponges, kitchen tablecloths are also easily contaminated with bacteria. Wash them frequently.

Clean every angle of your home to ensure your hygiene and health. If you find that there are a lot of household items that are occupying your home space, you can store them in Cube Self Storage! Such as seasonal clothes, electrical appliances, books, etc. We provide a 24/7 climate-controlled and access card system to help you keep your items safely and conveniently.

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