Couples express their love on Valentine’s Day by sending Valentine’s Gift. Besides gift-giving, what else can you do to surprise him/her and make Valentine’s Day the most memorable?

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day according to your girlfriend or boyfriend’s personality.

Pragmatists: Gift-giving

Everyone loves gifts. Send your valentine a favourite gift on Valentine’s Day would not be wrong! If you still don’t know what he/she likes, you can see the following gift list as a guide.

TOP 3: Flowers, Chocolate, Cards

TOP 2: Fashion Items (Bag, Wallet, Perfume, Clothing, Jewellery)

TOP 1: 3C Products (Mobile phone, Wireless Bluetooth Headset, Smartwatch)

Hedonism: Staycation

Unable to travel abroad during the pandemic, choose a Staycation trip. Every Staycation hotel has its own unique services, such as special breakfast and dinner set, SPA, Beauty Treatment, etc. Have a good rest with your loved one and enjoy a romantic time.

Romanticism: Road Trips

If your partner is into romance, you could visit the countryside together and explore the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong. Wait for the sunrise or sunset, take pictures and create memories on this Valentine’s Day.

Recommended places: Tai Mo Shan, Tsing Lung Tau, Luk Neck

Hyperactive: Outdoor Activities

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about romance and gift-giving?

If your partner loves outdoor activities, plan a day filled with sunshine and mountains. Glamping would be a good choice! Leave the hustle and bustle of the city and come to the countryside to enjoy nature. Other than that, if your partner loves water activities, take a canoe trip. There are many beautiful islands to explore in Hong Kong, such as Sharp Island, Jin Island, and Basalt Island. It is especially worth exploring with your lover.

Artistic: Art Workshop

Create beautiful memories together by gifting a workshop, such as a pottery crafts class, glass beading workshop, acrylic painting workshop, Russian doll crafts workshop, etc. There are many art workshops in Hong Kong that offer one-day courses. With the help of tutors, no experience is required to create perfect works of art for each other.

In addition, you can also provide a comfortable and spacious living space for your lover as one of the ways to express your love. Storing the extra items in Cube Self Storage so that he/she doesn’t have to worry about the limited space!

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Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!