Storing for the long run? Here’s how you can keep your items in pristine condition.

Packing for long-term storage is different from packing for short-term storage, you will need to ensure your items are well protected so that they can survive years in storage without damage! This is only possible if they’re properly packed. Whether you’re downsizing, moving abroad on a job assignment or simply decluttering your home, self storage is a great option! Especially if you’re not ready to let go of these “could come in handy in the future one-day” items.

Here’s some expert advice from our storage specialists on effective long-term packing!

1. Ask yourself these 3 questions
The first step is to determine which of your belongings you want to keep. Sort through your items and assess your needs with these 3 questions:
• Can you see yourself using it down the road?
• Is it valuable and in good function?
• Does it hold a sentimental value?

If you answer yes to any of the above, it is worth keeping. Store it for future use!

2. Use good packing materials
Next packing, it’s best to purchase new sturdy packing boxes that will last for years and provides good protection for your items. Old grocery store cardboard boxes could disintegrate over the years and may not be able to withstand stacking. Plastic storage bins are also a great idea. We highly recommend our Easycrates. The plastic crates are made from top quality robust plastic ensuring it retains its shape, providing you increased protection during storage every time. Speak to us and we’ll tell you more about the great uses of these eco-friendly reusable crates!

3. Vacuum pack your clothes
With vacuum bags, air is sucked out reducing the size of fabrics to a fraction of their initial volume making this great for saving and maximising storage space! The bags also keep items away from dust and moisture, preventing mould growth and malodour. Simply perfect for storing seasonal clothing for up to six months!

4. Extra protection for fragile items
Fragile items like ceramic, glass and crystals are delicate and breakable. Without the right care and handling, these precious items can shatter! Wrap each piece individually with padding and bubble wrap and secure with packing tape to avoid chips from knocks. If you’re using cardboard boxes, secure the bottom of the box with tape too, you wouldn’t want your precious breakables falling out when in transit.

5. Choose Climate Controlled Storage
When choosing a storage unit, consider a climate-controlled one. Temperature fluctuations and high humidity are especially harmful to wooden and upholstered furniture often causing wood to expand and contract. While dampness can result in rotting, discolouration or even mould growth! Our Cube Self Storage units with 24-hour climate control ensures temperatures are kept between 22 °C and 24 °C and humidity levels below 65% providing good air circulation and the best protection for all your stored belongings.

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