Cardboard can be seen everywhere in our life. No matter packaging, moving house, or storage, we must use them. Cardboard’s price is affordable, and it is secure, light-weight, and convenient for stacking. The most important if it can be recycled and reused.

It is very important to choose good quality cardboard. Good cardboard will facilitate the handling process and protect your items. Let’s learn how to choose good-quality cardboard.

1. Material

If you want to store heavy things, such as electrical appliances, books, fragile goods, etc., you must choose strong, thick cardboards. Generally, cardboards are made of sheets of corrugated paper. The outer layer is made of flat kraft paper while the inner layer is made of wavy kraft paper. Cardboard boxes on the market can be divided into 4 types, which are Single Face Corrugated, Single Wall Corrugated, Double Wall Corrugated, and Triple Wall Corrugated.

I. Single Face Corrugated: Used as cushioning.

Ii. Single Wall Corrugated: Used as shipping cartons

Iii. Double Wall Corrugated: Used for industrial packaging

Iv. Triple Wall Corrugated: It can replace wooden crates, often used for transporting chemicals or certain special items.

2. Structure

The inner layer’s structure of the box will also affect its protection ability. The horizontal of the wavy layer can support heavy items. Study the structure of the box before you put it in.

3. Specification

The specifications for the lining of cardboard are standardized around the world. “Flute” is used to describe the thickness of corrugated paper and it can be divided into 5 types, which are Flute A,B,C,E, and F.

I. Flute A thickness: approx. 4.8mm

Ii. Flute B thickness: approx.  2.5mm

Iii. Flute C thickness: approx. 3.5mm

Iv. Flute E thickness: approx. 1.2mm

V. Flute F thickness: more than 0.8mm

The thicker the corrugated paper, the stronger the cushioning and compressibility. Thus, A Flute cardboard is generally used to store heavier items, such as fragile items. B Flute cardboard is good in crush and puncture resistance and is often used as internal packaging components, such as partitions. C Flute cartons have excellent compressibility and are also used for shipping boxes that protect glass, furniture, and food.

E Flute is thin, which can save more space and is typically used as pizza boxes. F Flute paper box is the lightest and thinnest, most of the fast-food boxes, cosmetic boxes and jewellery boxes in the market use it.

Normal cardboard brings us so much knowledge. Do you know how to choose the right cardboard now? Choose the suitable cardboard according to your storage needs in order to protect your items.

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