According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women with messier homes have higher levels of Cortisol (a.k.a stress hormones) than women with tidy homes. What does it mean? It is proof that home space can be linked to your mental stress state.

In addition to relieve pressure, a clean and tidy home can bring the following benefits, such as,

  1. Sleep well

Don’t you think the clutter in your bedroom often gets in your way? How can a troubled mood make you feel at ease to sleep? Studies show that people who make their bed in the morning will have 20% higher chance of good sleep at night compared to others. It shows the importance of making your room tidy to improve the quality of sleep.

2. More efficiency

A 2011 study reveals that our vision will directly affect our ability to concentrate. When we don’t feel like completing a task, we tend to look around in an attempt to escape from it. If you’re surrounded by clutter, you’re more likely to be attracted to clutter to procrastinate on the task at hand. On the other hand, if your surroundings are organized, you have no reason to look away and are more focused on the task, which improves your productivity, especially when you work from home.

3. Affects your diet

As mentioned above, clutter makes people feel stressed, and people under stress are more likely to choose junk food, which has an imperceptible impact on our healthy diet. A 2013 study published in Psychology Science found that people in tidy workplaces were more likely to choose apples over chocolate than those in messy ones. It proves that the environment can influence eating choices.

4. Reduce illness

Keep your home clean and remove the bacteria and dust to avoid diseases, such as tracheitis, asthma, skin sensitivity and so on. Therefore, if you want to take care of your and your family’s health, it is important to clean the inconspicuous areas at home.

Actually most of us are aware of the importance of keeping our home clean. However there are still many reasons and excuses to ignore the importance of keeping our home clean.

It’s time to ditch the following bad habits to keep your home clean and comfortable.

  1. Never Putting Stuff Back Where It Belongs

Shoes accumulate in the hallway, clothes spread on the chair, used cups spread on the table, briefcase on the sofa, discarded tissues everywhere. Is this phenomenon often happening at your home?

Get rid of the bad habit of having loose ends, learn to put things back to their original position, and the importance of cleaning up the garbage. It just takes a few steps and tiny actions, why not try it?

2. Procrastination

“Cleaning your home” sounds like it is tiring work and takes a long time and effort to complete. Actually this is the result of your procrastination! You keep postponing the cleaning that should be done will lead to the accumulation of dust layer and dirt buried making it more difficult to clean.

Get used to doing a little daily cleaning every day, such as sweeping the floor on Monday, vacuuming on Tuesday, and cleaning the toilet on Wednesday. Scatter the cleaning work, you will have a tidy home over time. It is not laborious and not time-consuming.

3. Shopping Spree

People who love binge shopping often pile up their “booty” in their homes, leading to a messy house. For those who live in narrow spaces, it is even hard to find walking spaces.

Get rid of the bad habit of buying without rational. This will not only save your home, but also save you money!

4. Hoarders

Hoarding is a compulsive behaviour in which people excessively collect items, even broken, expired, dirty, or dangerous items.

This behaviour will often affect them and other people’s life, and even bring negative impact on health. Check your home regularly for expired or damaged food or items. Make sure that you throw the items away.

5. Out of sight, out of mind

Many people always think that “storage” is to put things into a closet or boxes, and it’s done as long as the space looks empty. However, when we want to find something, it always takes time to rummage through the closet or boxes. It means that the way you store is not correct.

You should make arrangements according to its sort and size so that it is convenient for searching in the future.

In addition to the bad habits, home space is also an important cause of messy house. To free up more space and create a minimalist home, you can move the unnecessary items to Cube Self Storage, for example seasonal clothing, books, electrical appliances, furniture, etc.

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