To own a house in Hong Kong is the dream of many people. It is also their motivation to work hard. They are also willing to spend more money on interior designs in order to create their perfect home.

Interior design is the last step in the process to create a desirable living environment.  Usually, renovations will need to be carried out.  This can be complicated, owners need to worry about all kinds of factors and details, such as,

1. Destruction, Alteration and Protection Works

Destruction works are common during the renovation. A professional contractor will pay attention to the process and steps of destruction to comply with government regulations. Remember to protect areas not under renovation before starting the works to avoid damaging the original walls, doors, floor tiles, etc.

2. Reconstruction

The Reconstruction phase is a critical component. The building walls, laying of floors must be done professionally and in accordance with regulations.  Any shoddy workmanship could lead to problems of water leaks, floor cracks and even give you problems with other residents in the future.

3. Water and Electrics

The repositioning of water pipes and electrical wiring will depend on any relocations in the kitchen and bathrooms. The placement of pipes and electric wiring needs to be careful consideration to keep your home looking tidy.

4. Paint and Wallpaper

Choose your favourite wall colour or wallpaper and use a professional contractor to help create the perfect interior decoration.

5. Carpentry Works

After installing furniture and cabinets, we must check each closing, roller and hinges to ensure that cabinets are stable, smooth and safe.

Doing it yourself will be very difficult? It is important to hire a professional and responsible contractor to ensure that you renovate your home perfectly and safely. So how to identify a good contractor?  Here are the tips.

  1. Is the contractor a one man band/ can do it all himself ?

Normally, it’s cheaper if the contractor does it all himself. It may be more convenient to discuss the project since the contractor will better understand your requirement.

2. Contractor has their own team

When the contractor has his own team of professional workers that can offer a one-stop solution for each service including demolition, reconstruction, floor tile, water and electricity, paint, and so on. There are a lot of renovation companies that hire part-time workers since the price is a little cheaper. However, their handiwork might be not be so good. For your home safety, it is always better to choose a renovation company with their own professional team!

3. Refer to Previous Projects

The best way to judge a Contractors handiwork and ability is to look at his past work. For example, the floor tile, the installation of door or window, painting skills or whether it has a leaky problem, etc. Be careful if the contractor refuses to show you his past projects, it’s important that they are capable to complete the job to your satisfaction.

4. Check the Reviews

We often check customer reviews and comments during online shopping. You can do the same things before you decided to choose the contractor. For instance, his personality, working attitude, charge standard, and so on. Besides good working skills, a friendly, honest and responsible contractor can make customers feel at ease.

Find a renovation team to ensure that your living space is safe and secure!

Home renovations need a good contractor and also a good storage plan! We offer you one-stop storage solutions, including storage space, transportation service and packing materials. Cube’s staff will find the most suitable and affordable storage plan for you according to your needs.

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