Facing a monitor for long hours makes our eyes tired, taking high-fat and high carbohydrate food during lunch often leads to drowsiness.

Do these problems affect you? How can we stay alert and maintain our working performance? It may depend on your lifestyle and work environment.

1. Go for a Walk

According to research, doing simple physical activities, such as walking or climbing stairs, is more effective than drinking coffee in boosting our energy levels.

Leave your desk and take a walk around the company, or take a walk outside the company to get a breath of fresh air. It will help to regain your spirit and improve work efficiency.

2. A Balanced Diet

If you feel tired or sleepy after lunch even though you get enough sleep. The problem may lie in your diet.

It is recommended to eat light food at lunch and avoid food with high fat and protein, such as fried food, fat meat and fast food. Nutritional studies show that when we eat high protein and fat foods, cholecystokinin levels rise, which activates sleep areas of the brain and makes us sleepy.

In addition, it is advisable to eat low-carb foods for lunch, such as eggs, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, chia seeds, millet, etc. It is because high-carb foods make the Glycaemic Index in the body rise and drop dramatically, leading to hunger and lethargy.

3. Listen to Music

Music helps in relaxing, and re-energising the body! Listening to fast and happy songs, or singing them loud is also a good way to avoid work fatigue!

Studies found that when we listen to music, our brain produces higher levels of Dopamine, which makes us feel excited and happy and instantly drives away sleepiness! In addition, upbeat music can increase your concentration and alertness, which can increase your productivity.

4. Break Time

Working for long hours can affect our thinking ability and productivity. Therefore, give yourself proper and regular breaks to clear your mind. For instance, take a 10 minute break every 90 minutes. During that 10-minute break, you can go around or view the scenery to relax your mind.

You can also take a 10 to 30-minute power nap during your lunch break. A short nap has been found to refresh people, improve memory, regulate mood and relieve tension.

5. Drinking Extra Water

Drinking water has many benefits. In addition to replenishing the body with water, balancing body temperature, and helping digestion, water also plays an important role in promoting blood circulation and improving metabolism. A good metabolism and blood circulation can maintain the body function, keep the human cells active and refreshed! Therefore, no matter how busy you are, don’t forget to drink more water.

6. Smell the Citrus/Orange/Lemon

A study found that smelling fresh citrus can boost your spirits and reduce anxiety. Put a few lemons or oranges on the working table, take a breath on it when you feel sleepy. Moreover, maybe you could use citrus fragrances perfume to lift your spirits and avoid work fatigue.

7. Improve Your Work Environment

A narrow working space increases the feelings of stress and anxiety. An office with too much clutter can also affect the lighting of the office. Lack of light will cause us to fall asleep. Improve your workplace by storing unwanted files and clutter to free up more workspace. It may help to avoid work fatigue and boost your brain’s creativity and productivity.

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