There are many reasons to travel abroad, to escape the stressful life, to experience different cultures, to satisfy their love of shopping or to visit relatives or friends. However, with many countries under lockdown due to COVID-19, our desire to travel abroad for a holiday has become a distant dream.

Try these alternatives

1. Spring Glamping

You don’t have to go abroad to escape your stressful life. Plan a glamping vacation, live in the suburbs/wilderness for a few days, turn off your phone, and enjoy your vacation. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying the cool weather during the Spring Glamping.

2. Staycation

The lockdowns in various countries have greatly affected the tourism industry. Many hotels have switched to offering Staycations. A Staycation is extremely suitable for those who enjoy the luxury! Relax in a high-end hotel suite, enjoy luxury cuisine, spa treatments, massage treatments. Pamper yourself in a home away from home!

3. Domestic Travel

There are many tourist attractions in Hong Kong that we tend to neglect. As we are unable to  travel abroad, it is a good time to explore! If you want to avoid the crowds, you can choose to visit some of the wonderful country parks and hiking trails such as Grass Island, Sunset Peak, Shek O, etc.

4. Foreign Language Classes

Some people like to travel abroad because they love to experience other cultures and make new friends of different nationalities. Although you can’t go abroad you can sign up for foreign language and culture courses. When we can travel again you will be well prepared for a visit to your favourite destinations.

What country would you most like to visit? Sign up for the language course today!

5. Create a Vacation Destination at Your Home

Transform your home into the holiday resort of your dreams so that you can enjoy your vacation at home every day! Chines New Year is the time to refresh your home. Create a new home style that you like, such as Japanese, Mediterranean, or European style.

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